So Real, It’s Unreal.

It’s the little moments of REAL that make life special. And if the best things in life are REAL, your snacks should be too.

No Gluten. No Dairy. No Fat. No HFCS. (High-Fructose Corn Syrup) No, Really.

At LUIGI’S, we’re all about the REAL—and that includes our ingredients.

Grandma loves it. Your baby nephew loves it. Your allergy-riddled roommate loves it. LUIGI’S is so simple, sweet, and sensational that it’s bound to be a favorite for just about anyone.

Real FAQs

LUIGI’S is the journey, not the destination. Wait, no, it’s also the destination. Find it at any of these stores.

What’s so real about YOU? Sorry. Let’s see. REAL ingredients? Check. REAL fruit flavors? Check. REAL tasty? Check. REAL, REAL, REAL. Everything about us is REAL—even Uncle LUIGI. (Don’t fact-check that. Just take our word for it.)

You want the REAL story? Well, we’re all about the REAL here (but you know that already). It all began in 1978, when Uncle LUIGI was hatched from an egg. We have to go now, but you can probably imagine the rest. Or visit our About page.

No. 🙂