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Just Yum sticker. Font is colorful, using blue, red, pink, and green.

italian ice.

Made with Real Fruit Juice sticker. Sticker is a yellow lemon with green font and white banners. Pink strawberry sticker with sugar free written in the center in white font. Gluten Free graphic. Graphic is a yellow oval with light yellow center and blue banner going straight through center. No Artificial Coloring sticker. Sticker looks like speech bubble and is white and red with two red droplets. Dairy Free Sticker. Sticker is black with light blue and white font, rounded edges, and a cow graphic in the center.

The best things in life are

r e a l

Bold-lettered sticker that says Fat Free. Font is white and is outlined in red and pink. Gluten free sticker. Outlined in green with cute mango fruit character in center, winking at camera. Certified U-Pareve Kosher sticker. Sticker is shaped like a flower with seven rounded petals. Sticker is blue, with light blue banner and white font in center. No High-Fructose Corn Syrup sticker. Sticker looks like speech bubble in green, light blue, and white.
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