Kiwi Strawberry

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Graphic of kiwis and strawberries. There are three strawberries and three kiwis.
Graphic of kiwis and strawberries. There are three strawberries and three kiwis.
Kiwi Strawberry

    REAL fruit fusion

    We’re berry serious about fruity flavor. So much so that we combined two of our favorites into one fantastic treat—giving you all the classic sweetness of a ripe and juicy strawberry with the tropically tart twist of a kiwi fresh from the vine.

  • Cute kiwi and strawberry graphic characters with a cup of kiwi strawberry LUIGI'S real Italian Ice. Kiwi character is doing a handstand on the Italian ice. Background is pink with colorful star graphics.
  • Woman with curly hair is eating kiwi strawberry LUIGI'S Real Italian Ice. Woman is wearing pink sunglasses, a pink outfit, and green sweater. Background is psychedelic rainbow swirls.
  • Two cups of LUIGI'S real Italian Ice are stacked on each other, while surrounded by kiwis and strawberries. The background is green.
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    Image of mango and kiwis strawberry LUIGI'S Real Italian Ice combo pack. Box is green. Images of strawberries, mangoes, and kiwis are next to the box on both sides.

No Gluten. No Dairy. No Fat. Just Yum sticker. Font is colorful, using blue, red, pink, and green. No Soy.

No Gluten. Light gray graphic sticker with green and orange font that says Made Allergen Free. No Dairy. No Fat. No HFCS.

No Gluten. No Dairy. No Fat. No Soy. Icey Goodness sticker. Image looks like an ice cube with four-point stars. Icey Goodness is written in blue on the faces of the ice cube. No Mess.

No, Really.

Cute kiwi and strawberry characters. The kiwi and strawberry look like they are dancing. The fruit characters are smiling at each other, have their arms in the air, and are wearing pants and shoes.