real italian ice
Graphic of a group of strawberries
Graphic of a group of strawberries
Strawberry Cup

    REAL fruity

    What’s not to love about strawberry? Cute, teensy seeds. Little green wig at the top. Sweet, delectable, fruity goodness. We filled our Strawberry cups with all that real fruit flavor (hold the wig!), ensuring every bite offers a REAL scrumptious bit of yum.

  • Strawberry character graphic is sitting on top of strawberry LUIGI'S Real Italian Ice. Strawberry is smiling and giving thumbs up. Background is green.
  • Gif of a woman in purple sweater opening a cup of strawberry LUIGI'S Real Italian Ice. Only the bottom portion of her face is seen, and she is smiling when she opens the cup of Italian ice. The Italian ice has a smile carved in it. Background is red.
  • Black background with colorful font that says Berry Sweet Berry Refreshing. Words are in red, pink, and yellow. Two graphic strawberries are on the image as well.
  • find strawberry

    Image of lemon and strawberry LUIGI'S Real Italian Ice combo pack. Box is pink. Images of strawberries and lemons are next to the box on both sides.
  • Image of a bunch of strawberries.

No Gluten. No Dairy. No Fat. Just Yum sticker. Font is colorful, using blue, red, pink, and green. No Soy.

No Gluten. Light gray graphic sticker with green and orange font that says Made Allergen Free. No Dairy. No Fat. No HFCS.

No Gluten. No Dairy. No Fat. No Soy. Strawberry graphic sticker. Red graphic strawberry is in the center of a sticker with a wavy round edges. No Mess.

No, Really.

Cute strawberry graphic with arms and legs, smiling at the camera. The LUIGI'S strawberry has an arm raised, waving at the camera and taking a step to the left.